Upcoming 3D Printer Build

On January 2nd and 3rd of the new year we will be hosting a build your own 3D printer workshop here at the Design Bank. This is an affordable way to get 3D printing in your home and will feature the Makerfarm Pegasus 8" kit. This kit comes in a few variations and we will be getting the aluminum heat bed mount, single extruder with an E3D v6 lite, the standard LCD screen, glass plate,  and power supply. You will also get a small tool kit that will work with any of the future upgrades you may wish to do and a full spool of filament. 

We have a Makerfarm Pegasus that we built in our shop and have been running Ninjaflex filament through for flexible prototypes. There are many reasons we chose this kit to build with you. First and foremost the kit is affordable and we wanted to offer something that could get your foot in the door of the 3D printing universe. Makerfarm has a reputation of selling quality kits and although this kit is relatively new, their older Prusa models have gotten some really good feedback from the community. We wanted a kit that was easy to assemble. Sure, you could get yourself a fully assembled printer for around the same price but then when it broke down you'd be at a loss on how to fix it. Assembling your own printer gives you both the knowledge of all the components of the machine as well as the confidence to know that you can work on it yourself when you need to. Lastly, the aluminum v-slot extruded rails allow for upgrades. If an 8" by 8" by 8" build volume becomes too small, you can upgrade those rails for a bigger build area. Need a dual extruder, Makerfarm has the upgrade ready to go. Want to print exotic filaments that require higher temperatures, just switch from the E3D v6 lite to the all metal E3D v6. This kit has lots of options.

Staff will be on hand to help you through the build of your printer and we'll have our Pegasus here for reference. Once assembled we will help you with the software and teach you how to level your bed and show you the appropriate height your nozzle should be from the build plate. If everything goes well you'll be walking out with a printer that is ready to make your ideas a reality. 

There are a few things that you will need to have for yourself to be ready to print at home. You'll want a good surge protector to plug your printer into to protect it from electrical surges, burnt out electronics are the most expensive part of a 3D printer and you'll want to protect them as best as possible. You will need a good level and sturdy surface to place your printer on at home, too much vibration will cause print quality issues. I have my home printer on a computer desk and it works well enough for me. Lastly, you'll want to pick yourself up some fragrance free hair spray. This will help PLA adhere to your glass plate. We personally recommend Aqua Net Extra Super Hold but just about any super hold hairspray will do as long as it's the aerosol type. As an added bonus you can put it in your hair and style up some amazing early 90s and 80s hairdos.

A few last notes; as we need some lead time to order all the parts and get them in we are cutting off the registration on December 15th. Parents and kids are encouraged to come together to build their kit. There is no soldering required for this build but parts of the printer do get hot. The Nozzle will reach temps of up to 250C or 485F and sometimes beyond. It is important to exercise caution when working with 3D printers and electronics in general. If you have any further questions please feel free to email us.

We look forward to hosting this workshop and hope to see you there!