Elephant House | Lecture at Design Bank by Swiss Arq. Philipp Heidemann

In response to recent events, New York Times writer Andrew Revkin's shared his thoughts on zoo's and our evolving relationships with animals like elephants, gorillas, and other highly social species. In the column, he writes, "this is a good time for humans to begin reassessing our relationship with captive animals on many levels, and reassess how we experience 'wild' life." 

Sanctuaries or showbiz zoos struggle to balance conservation and entertainment

 Lecture by  Philipp Heidemann  Friday June 24th, 2016  

Lecture by Philipp Heidemann Friday June 24th, 2016  

The contribution zoo's make through research, observation, and education has expanded our own understanding of the often blurred boundaries between animals and humans. Our co-evolution and curiosity with animals like elephants or whales calls to question the process, planning, and design of a species welfare and habitat. Unique projects, like the elephant house, that blend or immerse ideas of nature and physics further the discourse towards future co habitation and social understanding. The Design Bank is excited to advance the discussion for the City of Indianapolis. 

The Design Bank has invited Swiss Architect and Elephant House Project Architect Philipp Heidemann to share images and experiences around the The Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park compound at the Zurich Zoo. 

Heidemann offers us an in depth look at the synergy of architecture and landscape at the Elephant Park at the Zurich Zoo and the conceptual, planning and building process of the characteristic roof structure - a freeformed, perforated timber shell with a free span of 260 ft. 

Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park Shell

Please come join the discussion.
The lecture will take place on Friday June 24th at 7:30 pm:
Design Bank
3636 E 38th St.
Indianapolis 46218