Workshop Registration


Workshop Registration


The Design Bank is pleased to offer its Winter 2017 workshop series.  Workshops are four weeks. Design Bank 100-300 workshops will be offered on a Thursday 6-9pm/Saturday 10am-1pm schedule. Design Bank 400 workshops are offered on a Wednesday 6-9pm schedule.

Design Bank 100: Intro to Design
Intro to Design invites participants to explore the importance of design and its function in our day-to-day life and future. Participants will learn the critical basics of style, color, and ideation prior to delving into the technical process of transitioning big ideas into tangible objects through design history, design language, and the fundamentals of drawing and scale.  
February 2-25
Design Bank 200:  Digital Processes, Vectors, and Geometries
Digital Process, Vectors and Geometries turnparticipants’ fundamental design knowledge into technical know-how translating ideas into 2D and 3D concepts across select software platforms and digital formats. Participants will learn the digital transfer, vectors, and polysurfaces. 
March 2-25

Design Bank 300: Ideation and 3D printing
Ideation and 3D Printing participants will turn their digital models into actual 3D printed objects. Participants will learn additive and subtractive manufacturing, explore the various options of 3D printers and materials, and visit other industry partners to better understand and then apply the design process and their technical knowledge to solve design challenges through rapid prototyping. Design Bank 200 is required.
April 6-29

Design Bank 400: The Innovation Mindset
Participants will playfully challenge ways of thinking and doing to explore the mindset necessary for innovation. Using the Design Thinking process as a foundation, participants will increase: comfort with uncertainty and risk; ability to apply the mindset to everyday opportunities; and, the development of aresponsive, people-centered culture.
February 1-22 Session 1 / March 1-29 Session 2       

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